Fort Bend Cares is happy to announce that this year we are able to bridge the gap for 31 local charities with a total of $176,110 in grants, and positively impact the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children and youth in Fort Bend County. An additional $18,000 was raised at the annual Road Trip event; this includes a matching donation by Fairmount Santrol. All proceeds were given to Texana for an infant and special needs playground. Fort Bend Cares gathered grantees, volunteers and key donors for its annual grant reception on Wednesday, June 8 at Safari Texas Ranch to give out the awards. Everyone was on hand to also celebrate Fort Bend Cares’ dedication to the community, granting over $1.7 million since inception. East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry was awarded the Founders Grant, now in its fifth year. The grant is named after co-founders Dr. Robert McClendon and Jim Rice. It will help provide food for children in crisis.