Grants Committee Volunteer Application

The Fort Bend Cares Grant Committee is one of the most important aspects of Fort Bend Cares. The individuals who serve on the committee review multiple grant applications from various non-profits in Fort Bend serving disadvantaged youth and children. Through a thorough process, the Committee and Board of Trustees are able to grant out thousands of dollars each year to worthwhile charities, impacting thousands of kids. Ideal committee members honor confidentiality, are dependable, compassionate and practical. Not all applicants will be asked to join the Committee, depending on availability and the number of committee members already assigned.

Grant Volunteer Application

  • Please enter the phone number you want us to use to contact you.
  • Please enter you place of employment, if applicable.
  • Typically, the committee obligation is February to May. Would you be willing, however, to make follow up visits to grantees later in the year?
  • Please list any special skills (Examples: photography, graphic design, writing, etc.)
  • Please list any languages you speak fluently.
  • Please provide a brief description of how you are familiar with any why you want to volunteer on the Fort Bend Cares Grant Committee.
  • Are you willing to serve in a volunteer leadership role?