DePelchin Children’s Center serves the most vulnerable children and families in Texas and works to break the cycles of abuse and neglect.  Their approach of caring for children integrates prevention, foster care, adoption and post-adoption programs to improve the mental health and physical well-being of children at risk of entering or within the State’s child welfare system.

As part of the foster care program, DePelchin oversees a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in Richmond for children between the ages of 5 and 12 with severe emotional and behavioral problems. Each month an average of 15 children are treated at the RTC with a goal of returning each child to a nurturing home as quickly as possible. Through funding from Fort Bend Cares and others, DePelchin has partnered with SIRE Therapeutic Equestrian Center to provide a unique opportunity for therapeutic treatment using equine therapy.

The children have learned how to behave around horses and handle them, feed and clean them, and probably most exciting, ride them.

The RTC clinical supervisor has said she has “never seen our group of kids so calm and regulated, as well as so involved and engaged. Every child participated in every part of the program …Our kids connected so well with those animals, and the staff is very professional and in tune with the emotional and behavioral needs of our kids.”

DePelchin and SIRE have been able to work on these sessions for a year and half now. DePelchin staff is quick to note the immediate positive impact on the children they have witnessed through this program.

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